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Discussion in order to build a sustainable developement strategy of the independent sector in the Bulgarian theatre

at the Red House- place for culture and debate in Sofia

Video in Bulgarian with English subtitles

Moderator: Boris Zafirov & Desislava Gavrilova

In the last few years the independent sector in the Bulgarian theatre started to develop faster and faster. Some of the leading organisations were transformed into platforms for establishing the independent theatre as a separate sector in the Bulgarian culture. Therefore the independent artists started to alter the overall climate by establishing new spaces and promote new aesthetics. The meeting at the Red House- place for culture and debate, was initiated by some of the most prominent cultural formations to search for a common solution on the cultural policy of the country by sharing personal experience. The main topics of the meeting are: attracting the public, sustainable development and financing private spaces.
With the participation of Vesselin Dimov (Free Theater Association), Jenia Petrova (Derida Dance Center), Neda Sokolovska (VOX POPULI Studio for documentary theater), Milko Iovchev (Replica Theatre), Stefania Georgieva (Atom Theatre), Arch. Radosveta Kirova (Transformers Association), Tsvetelina Yossifova (The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate Andrey Nikolov).

Thumbnail image of this article by courtesy of Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager. © Denitsa Ruseva


Published on 21 May 2015