“I Share, Therefore I Am”

Notes from the 2nd Conference on Digitisation at the Comédie de Reims
article by Elena Galanopoulou from Athens

S.O.S. Encapsulation… or the Soul after Victory III

Interferences in Cluj-Napoca among Seasons, Représentation and the Digital
article by Herwig Lewy from Leipzig

David vs. Goliath

About the premiere of Jordan Tannahill's Concord Floral in Reims
article by Ana Tasić from Belgrade

The Generation of Joyful Knowledge

Silver Sufer, a theatrical experiment, in which the bracket between millenials and silver surfers finds its expression in all their contradictory and appropriate facets
article by Sergio Lo Gatto from Rome

Mixing the languages: personal encounters within a digital framework

A vivid picture of a spring weekend through the workshop and premiere’s experience of 25 teenagers from five different countries
article by Ina Doublekova from Sofia